standfore banking software systems

Standfore banking software system and the promise it holds

The positive and value creating role of software banking system has been clearly exemplified in the many testaments of how it has revolutionized functions and processes in the banking sector hence harnessing return ,value and customer satisfaction.

The fundamental premise upon which this integrated value by the software from Stand fore Company is supported by its capacity to eradicate transaction challenges, enhancing efficiency and transparency, affordability as well as reliability. Furthermore, the software banking system programmers have been able to respond to revolution in banking products accessibility such as mobile platform banking and internet banking which have been key drivers of growth in the industry. More also, an easy to use interface compounded by real time interconnections have driven customer and user satisfaction quotient a higher notch.

Unified front office

A unified front office in all levels of banking is essential in any financial institutions. This functionality frees up the customer from their branch and thus the bank is able to respond to customer needs adequately regardless of location and branch. Banking software system has one of the best custom based internet banking solutions in this regard.

Reliable functionality

The platform has an adaptive documentation system, and very responsive customer support functionality. In addition, the software improves on the sales processes. The marketing prompts of the banks such as banners, memos and lead reminders are well integrated. This enables the bank to engage and retain existing and potential customers.

Multilevel processes

Key banking essential processes need to be interrelated for effectiveness and efficiency. The digital infrastructure of a bank needs to integrate all its processes into one manageable platform for reporting and auditing merit .These processes are unique to every institution. Online bank software is custom made to enhance multilevel processes and functions are optimized. This is also beneficial because it eradicates the need for multiple platforms thus cut on costs.

Digitization of banking products

The customer today needs a bank they can access round the clock, which have been enhanced by revolutionary products in internet and mobile banking. Software banking system has been developed and upgraded to efficiently respond to this indispensable reality. The need for accessibility and convenience has made banks to respond with mobile applications. Mobile banking is at the heart of the software connotation. The software has a better end user experience. It has widget based store and a graphic design support.

Response, service and support

A reliable software team responds in time to challenges and hitches. Failures in the software can results to an incredible loss. The team should be reputable, but a further important trait is that they should be in time to upgrade their software with new functionalities if need be as the bank grow. They should also be available to offer this support conveniently.


The software package, tailor made to suit customers’ needs is more affordable than much contemporary software. This is despite the fact that there are much complimentary functionality, which increases both user and customer value. These functions are also tailor made to meet increasing demands in retail and corporate banking to address a persified market.

Learn about Qulix – smart home applications in 5 minutes

Qulix – Smart home solutions

Have you heard about Qulix systems? No? Then you are at the right place. It is a provider of smart home applications, top smart home solutions, and automation technologies. Those who are aware know that Smart Home has become a common word. It is not just a thing of the future but a reality. Several types of technology, devices can make our daily routine easy and simple

Qulix has been in the industry for more than sixteen years and they have insurance software development. They have vast experience and expertise in providing their clients with quality software items. Whether you need a complex business system or an easy mobile app, they ensure they are doing their best to give you perfect products. The firms record of accomplishment as a proof of this statement. All their completed projects have received positive testimonials and reviews.

Some of their services include

1. Developing, designing and implementing bank systems, mobile apps, and portals

2. Developing custom software’s, complex web systems, single page applications, rich internet apps, business level systems and cross platform solutions

3. Developing mobile apps, retail and loyalty apps, financial implementation and entertainment applications.

4. Quality assurance and software testing

5. Industrial IoT

6. Technology and industry consultancy services and analysis

Software innovations for eco-friendly, automated and safe home

As said earlier, the idea of Smart Home is now the trend with more sensors and appliances being connected into a single home with the aim of making people’s lives more secure, convenient, and carefree through embracing software and hard ware development. You can read about it on page about internet of things services.

What are the components of a smart home?

1. Sensors to control and monitor the activities of a home and a control agent that acts on the info provided by the sensors

2. Electronic devices referred to as the actuators that modify and interact the environment by doing specialized tasks.

3. Bus line, power line, and wireless systems

4. Software to control the appliances at home and scheduled tasks

What do you get with Qulix – smart home applications?

· Interactive Security

· Video monitoring

· Energy management

· Home automation

· Wellness

Why Qulix?

1. Simple to-utilize and adjustable interface of smart home applications

2. Innovation counseling, advisory on selection of devices and methodologies

3. Building steady and adaptable application engineering (customer and server side)

4. Guaranteeing security and appropriate rights segregation

5. Control and operation of Smart Home through cell phone application

6. Support and update of existing items for home automation

Considering everything, the firm is dedicated to making your life simple, easy, and better. Their expertise and experience is the best. Contact Qulix – one of the best it software development companies today and improve your life

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Unity Mobile Game Development 

Unity Mobile Game Development

Mobile phones are no longer only a communication device; they have emerged to be complete fun and entertainment device with inbuilt games, music, camera etc. Unity mobile game development is no longer a niche and restricted territory. Each day, mobile game developers are churning out ever interesting and interactive applications. Be it iPhone games or for other handsets, these entertainment apps have come a long way since the first game Snake made its debut in 1997. With the increase in the processing capabilities of the mobile phone, mobile gaming has grown leaps and bounds.

One of the emerging trends in the mobile industry is the java games. These days, such apps are being released with multiplayer options with some going 3D, which is being touted as the benchmark of future games. Mobile gaming has thus become a multi-billion dollar industry. Gone are those days when mobile gaming meant a few fun apps installed in the handset.

Some of the corporate houses use these games for promotional activities. They outsource their custom development projects to offshore development centers that develop promotional games. Best mobile game developers add heavy ‘call to action’ factor in these games, which increases the revenue, and brand value of these corporates. One of the key advantages of outsourcing is the low cost of development owing to tremendous competition in the market.

Popular Unity mobile game development Tools

Cocos2D- It is an open source 2D framework being widely used in unity mobile game development. There are two versions, one written in Python and one written in Objective C targeting iOS. The API comes integrated with Box2D and Chipmunk game art design services engines. Apart from creating cross functional apps these tools can also create apps which can easily attract advertisers towards a mobile app or game. They can advertise their offerings with these apps which will can be target oriented and effective.

Maya- A favorite with developers around the world. Originally used for films, television and PC games it has made inroads into the mobile gaming industry as well. This platform is known for generating awesome 3D assets for games.

Blender Game Engine. Advanced game mechanics this is an open-source comprehensive 3D production suite, used for making real-time interactive content. It is enabled with a written from scratch in C++ as an essentially independent component and includes support for features such as Python scripting and OpenAL 3D sound. It can be used to create online puzzles.

Flash Lite- Flash Lite allows users to view multimedia content. It is nothing but a lighter version of Flash mainly targets mobile devices with heavy graphic processing capabilities. Flash games can be made compatible with the mobile platform using Flash Lite.

Why IoT is so important in our life?

Unfolding the value of Internet of Things 
Internet of things is an emerging topic with both economic and social significance. It’s where a network extends to interconnected devices. These devices are able to generate, exchange and consume data with minimal human interference. It’s often referred as man to machine, machine to machine or machine to mobile. For internet of things to be fully realized, all devices must connect with each other regardless of the company that had manufactured the product. On the other hand, wireless devices must be are equipped with all network technologies to stay connected with your things. Imagine a world where all devices at home and are connected. This is not just a concept. It will have a potential impact on how we live and work. Let’s look at why internet of things is so important for future;
The value of internet of things (IoT) to individuals
In the near future, everything that can be connected will be connected. IoT allows for virtually endless connections to take place. For example, if you are heading to work, your car can show you the best rout possible. In case there is traffic ahead, it will give you an alert that you’re likely to be late. What if your office coffee brewing machine is automatically set to start brewing coffee for you at 8 a.m? Internet of things not only opens doors to many opportunities, but also brings endless benefits. To ensure employees become familiar with IoT, companies are considering the use of wireless chips in their devices.
How internet of things will impact businesses
First, it will allow companies to make better products. Today, most people expect to use the device they carry in their pockets in more ways than just making a call. With time, companies will be forced to make more useful connected devices. IoT will basically replace the old technology with a new one. Secondly, it will enable businesses to make better and smart decisions. Businesses will collect more information from customers on the feedback of products to identify the area that needs improvement. Just like the way computers and web has become part of every business, more connected devices will be introduced to businesses.
Now you know why internet of things is so important for future. Once it’s fully realized, more jobs will be created. There will be high demand of data scientists and IT professionals. It’s crystal clear that, a lot needs to be done for Internet of Things to be fully realized. Businesses should educate their employees how IoT will impact their work. Likewise, individuals should be educated how it will impact their lives.