Why IoT is so important in our life?

Unfolding the value of Internet of Things 
Internet of things is an emerging topic with both economic and social significance. It’s where a network extends to interconnected devices. These devices are able to generate, exchange and consume data with minimal human interference. It’s often referred as man to machine, machine to machine or machine to mobile. For internet of things to be fully realized, all devices must connect with each other regardless of the company that had manufactured the product. On the other hand, wireless devices must be are equipped with all network technologies to stay connected with your things. Imagine a world where all devices at home and are connected. This is not just a concept. It will have a potential impact on how we live and work. Let’s look at why internet of things is so important for future;
The value of internet of things (IoT) to individuals
In the near future, everything that can be connected will be connected. IoT allows for virtually endless connections to take place. For example, if you are heading to work, your car can show you the best rout possible. In case there is traffic ahead, it will give you an alert that you’re likely to be late. What if your office coffee brewing machine is automatically set to start brewing coffee for you at 8 a.m? Internet of things not only opens doors to many opportunities, but also brings endless benefits. To ensure employees become familiar with IoT, companies are considering the use of wireless chips in their devices.
How internet of things will impact businesses
First, it will allow companies to make better products. Today, most people expect to use the device they carry in their pockets in more ways than just making a call. With time, companies will be forced to make more useful connected devices. IoT will basically replace the old technology with a new one. Secondly, it will enable businesses to make better and smart decisions. Businesses will collect more information from customers on the feedback of products to identify the area that needs improvement. Just like the way computers and web has become part of every business, more connected devices will be introduced to businesses.
Now you know why internet of things is so important for future. Once it’s fully realized, more jobs will be created. There will be high demand of data scientists and IT professionals. It’s crystal clear that, a lot needs to be done for Internet of Things to be fully realized. Businesses should educate their employees how IoT will impact their work. Likewise, individuals should be educated how it will impact their lives.

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